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Jack's Links - Exposing Nora "Molly Holly" Greenwald and Teen Challenge CULT

Fine links recommended by Mr. Jack Thaddeus, exposing Nora “Molly Holly” Greenwald (WWE) and her Teen Challenge CULT. Organized crime racket disguised as "rehab".

Jack Thaddeus Hill
Jack "Ace" Thaddeus, the last of the true patriots. Praise Him!  - Outdated community website detailing scammers and sex offenders (pedophiles) once employed by TC Cult. Site was made by an independent whistleblower and has not been updated in several years (to include MN), but remains a useful resource clearly showing the trail of corruption that is now continuing on today in Minnesota. Many testimonials archived from former abused patients. *This is where she got her funding from. MNTC is no different and runs on the same exact model. Do not be conned. An updated site to include the Benshoof's and ALL branches of Teen Challenge is being worked on.* - Another nightmare experience. - BUSTED: Eugene Geno Benshoof aka "Cigarette Butt Boy". Nora Greenwald's drug dealer husband and the webmaster of MNTC websites. A deeply religious man just doing the fine work of God... by moving His safe out the back door. Newspaper article detailing the arrest for one of his many burglaries. This time caught robbing a CHURCH. The police followed the trail of cigarette butts to the home of his accomplice, where they were found storing stolen valuables. Hmmm, wonder where those were going to??? While not charged in the actual robbery, Nora is currently making a $100 payment every month for Geno on over $13,000 worth of restitution he was ordered to pay from this crime spree. That's right, covering for his crimes! (see court documents) Other independent evidence shows that Nora has been in possession of, and sold stolen goods in the past. Their relationship is now clear. He's more than just her husband, he's her fall guy. Noreen's botched plans in action. The braindead crackheads take the blame while the ringleading whore remains free... FOR NOW. - Court documents and criminal records showing more burglaries and drug activity by the con-artist Greenwald’s/Benshoof’s. Also, video transcripts and excellent columns written by Team C*NT. - An awakened employee is disgusted and personally blogs to talk about the real Teen Challenge, calling it a FRAUD, referring to their operation as a "Jesus business" and having witnessed a "coked up" leader. - Luke Greenwald (Nora's drunk brother) arrested for DWI and reckless driving. A fine example of "rehab". Luke has been known to make death threats on behalf of the cult. - The most complete YouTube video archive. - Specifically archiving all hateful messages, racism, stalking, harassment and death threats sent from Nora Greenwald, Luke Greenwald, Geno Benshoof and their psychotic doped up followers. "We will not be silenced", indeed! (Special thanks to Team Black.) - Former pro-wrestler Malia Hosaka reveals how Nora Greenwald used her, backstabbed her, and sabotaged her career. - A 9 part investigation uncovering the sickening coercion tactics used by TC to brainwash children. How much more proof do you need?

Part 1: Teen Challenge: The Assemblies’ Own “Kiddie Gulag”

Part 2: Teen Challenge: Coercive Groups Disguised as Rehab

Part 3: Teen Challenge: A Typical Week in the “Jesus Gulag”

Part 4: Teen Challenge: Life Within the “Jesus Gulag

Part 5: Teen Challenge: Possible Missionary Mill?

Part 6: Teen Challenge: The Depths of Coercion at a “God Warrior” Training Camp

Part 7: Teen Challenge: Sex Abuse and Sexual Predators

Part 8: Teen Challenge: Court-Ordered Coercion and CYA Indemnity Contracts

Part 9: Teen Challenge: Your Tax Dollars, Paying For Institutionalised Abuse

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Molly Holly tried to sell her USED UNDERWEAR (Video Transcript)

News report parody by Faux Dan Rather.

Description- Noreen tried to auction her used underwear for cash a few years ago and there's pics to prove it. Know the truth and protect freedom of speech. She has attempted to silence this information.

"A few years ago, Nora Greenwald tried to sell her used undergarments on eBay.

I do not know if she was broke, if she was mentally disturbed, or just desperate for attention...

and if you do not believe me, here is a picture.

With the wigs she wore, she looked like a shaggy dog, that had escaped from it's yard and was in the gutter starving for a month."

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Geno Benshoof MN CRIMINAL RECORD (Nora Greenwald's drug dealer husband)

Minnesota criminal record for Geno Benshoof aka "Cigarette Butt Boy".

Webmaster for MNTC Teen Challenge christian brainwashing CULT, and the husband/pimp/drug dealer of former WWE Divas wrestling jobber Nora "Molly Holly" Greenwald.

Like a good whore, Nora covers Geno's bail & restitution fines (see court documents showing proof of payment), and therefore shows herself to be directly responsible for enabling these crime sprees.
He does her bidding and takes the fall if they get caught.

Much more than junkie lovers, he is one of her most brainwashed crackheads. A lead organizer of her crime racket, thefting for the cunt to provide a stream of stolen goods and dope to fund her psychotic operations. When you see phony Teen Challenge propaganda, know that THIS is who is behind the screen orchestrating it.

Noreen claiming Eugene to be a "fine reformed saved man", is truly disturbing. This so called reformation process has included: dealing more drugs, robbing a church, being in possession of explosives, taking black cocks up his asshole (ask Rusty Rod), and now most recently fleeing the scene of a hit and run accident (yet again). All of which you are told to believe that Nora knows nothing about and has nothing to do with... it's all just lies, sure, right.

Eugene's greatest accomplishment in life is reaching a new level of human stupidity, leaving behind a trail of cigarette butts at crime scenes, and giving multiple meanings to "Butt Boy".

About the only transformation that has occurred, is helping him suck on one black dick at a time now instead of two. It's all in a days work of balancing life, love, marriage and pleasing God.

Note: This list logs brief details for cases in the state of MN only, and is not a complete history of all his arrests or criminal records in other states or countries.

So this is sickly just a small sample here, but more than enough to verify that this dangerous lowlife piece of shit needs to be locked away from society for good.

Record Count: 18
Search By: Defendant  
Exact Name: on  
Party Search Mode: Name  
Last Name: Benshoof   First Name: Eugene  
Case Status: All  
Date Filed On or After: 02/24/2003  
Date Filed On or Before: 04/20/2012  
Sort By: Filed Date   

Case Number Citation Number Defendant Info Filed/Location/Judicial Officer Type/Status Charge(s) 

82-T8-03-004800 SW 291783 SW 291782 BENSHOOF, EUGENE DAVID 05/25/1979 02/24/2003 - Washington-Stillwater Non- Traffic Misdemeanor Converted Closed FDCR [65 NO PROOF OF INSURANCE

62-T9-03-605021 903500145 BENSHOOF, EUGENE DAVID 05/25/1979 02/27/2003 Ramsey Criminal/Traffic/Petty Suburban Moving - Misdemeanor Converted Closed NO MN DL

62-T6-03-605168 903521761 903521761 BENSHOOF, EUGENE DAVID 05/25/1979 03/01/2003 Ramsey Criminal/Traffic/Petty Suburban Non- Traffic Misdemeanor Converted Closed EXP REG [$60.] NO INSURANCE

62-TX-03-012929 903520770 903520770 BENSHOOF, EUGENE DAVID 05/25/1979 03/12/2003 Ramsey Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Non- Traffic Misdemeanor Converted Closed EXP REG [60] NO PROOF OF INSURANCE

62-T1-03-609676 903542985 903542985 BENSHOOF, EUGENE DAVID 05/25/1979 05/02/2003 Ramsey Criminal/Traffic/Petty Suburban Moving - Misdemeanor Converted Closed DAC DISOBEY STOP SIGNAL

62-T7-03-617023 903521067 903521067 BENSHOOF, EUGENE DAVID 05/25/1979 08/06/2003 Ramsey Criminal/Traffic/Petty Suburban Moving - Misdemeanor Converted Closed DAC SPEEDING 43/30

62-T6-04-009293 904817561 904817561 904817561 BENSHOOF, EUGENE DAVID 05/25/1979 02/06/2004 Ramsey Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Moving - Misdemeanor Converted Closed DAC LEAVE SCENE OF ACCIDENT (TCIS Amended Charge) NO PROOF OF INSURANCE MIS

62-K2-04-004009  BENSHOOF, EUGENE DAVID 05/25/1979 10/19/2004 Ramsey Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Felony Closed Drugs - 5th Degree - Possess Schedule 1,2,3,4 - Not Small Amount Marijuana

82-T6-06-020749 SW 353664 BENSHOOF, EUGENE DAVID 05/25/1979 07/06/2006 - Washington-Stillwater Moving - Petty Misd Converted Closed (TCIS Amended Charge) 055/50

82-T9-06-027078 TJ 003434 BENSHOOF, EUGENE DAVID 05/25/1979 09/11/2006 - Washington-Stillwater Speeding-Petty Misd Converted Closed 082/65

62-T8-07-603897 907110439 BENSHOOF, EUGENE DAVID 05/25/1977 04/04/2007 Ramsey Criminal/Traffic/Petty Suburban Moving - Misdemeanor Converted Closed Traffic-Drivers License-Driving After Suspension

82-T0-07-010163 SW 364858 BENSHOOF, EUGENE DAVID 05/25/1979 04/23/2007 - Washington-Stillwater Non- Traffic Misdemeanor Closed Theft-Intent to Exercise Temporary Control

82-CR-07-926 SW384705 SW384705 BENSHOOF, EUGENE DAVID 05/25/1979 11/14/2007 - Washington-Stillwater Crim/Traf Mandatory Under Court Jurisdiction Theft-Take/Use/Transfer Movable Prop-No Consent Traffic-Drivers License-Driving After Suspension

62-K9-08-000600  BENSHOOF, EUGENE DAVID 05/25/1979 02/15/2008 Ramsey Criminal/Traffic/Petty Downtown Wilson, Edward Felony Closed Burglary-3rd Deg-Steal/Commit Felony or Gross Misd

82-CR-08-1523  BENSHOOF, EUGENE DAVID 05/25/1979 02/21/2008 - Washington-Stillwater Crim/Traf Mandatory Under Court Jurisdiction Burglary-1st Deg-Poss Dangerous Weapon/Explosive Burglary-2nd Degree-Dwelling

82-CR-08-1551  BENSHOOF, EUGENE DAVID 05/25/1979 02/22/2008 - Washington-Stillwater Crim/Traf Mandatory Under Court Jurisdiction Burglary-2nd Degree-Dwelling

14-VB-11-6438 881104970023 BENSHOOF, EUGENE DAVID 05/25/1979 11/16/2011 Clay Crim/Traf Non-Mand Closed SPEED 70 ZONE 80/70

62SU-CR-12-1737 621000100511 621000100511 BENSHOOF, EUGENE DAVID 05/25/1979 04/20/2012 Ramsey Criminal/Traffic/Petty Suburban Crim/Traf Mandatory Under Court Jurisdiction Traffic Accidents - Driver Involved Fails to Stop for Accident to Property - No injury Traffic - Duty to Drive with Due Care - Speed Greater than

To view more detailed reports of the cases above, visit the MN case records website and search his name under criminal records.

Footnote: Case 82-CR-08-1523, robbing a church, stemmed a lawsuit from one of the victims in which they were awarded nearly $13K in damages (over $13K w/additional court costs). Nora is currently making a $100 payment for Geno every month.

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C/P comment list for Molly Holly videos

Comments often copied/pasted on YouTube videos about Nora Greenwald. This list has been officially approved by Mr. Jack Thaddeus. He appreciates your pastes!

- ***Legend of the big pooper. Never forget like 9/11. If you ever see Nora Greenwald in person ask her about the time she took a massive dump backstage at a WWE show, clogged up a toilet and flooded out the whole production area with her nasty shit. Earning herself the nickname "BIG POOPER" from all the crew/wrestlers.***

- Nora Greenwald Benshoof, fraudulent PIG: -She lied about being a virgin. -She scammed people out of charity donations that went to her pocket "in the name of christ" (ask the donators). -She sabotaged Malia Hosaka's career. -She's anorexic and broke these days with a pill habit and tried to sell her used underwear for cash. -A Dr. diagnosed her as a pathological lying sociopath. -She married her drug dealer husband and ordered him to rob a CHURCH. *Don't be conned by the dated phony Molly act.*

- The video or images above represent fictional acted characters that Nora Greenwald played upwards to 15 years ago, with the help of bleached teeth, bleached hair, plastic surgery and professional lighting. The real Nora underneath it all, today, is an ugly twat inside and out. She's scammed good people out of charity donations and hurt many without remorse. See /user/noragreenwaldisacunt and KNOW THE TRUTH.

- There's an old saying you may have heard. You can put lipstick on a pig... but it will still look like Nora Greenwald.

- Miss Blowjob '99: Nora Greenwald got the nickname "Mona" in WCW from sucking dick to get ahead. Making the boys moan while swallowing their loads. Then she became a virgin. Born again.

- NORA GREENWALD IS A SOCIOPATH /user/noragreenwaldisacunt

- NORA GREENWALD IS A WORTHLESS WHORE /user/noragreenwaldisacunt

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WWE Nora "MOLLY HOLLY" Greenwald -- SOCIOPATH (Video Transcript)

Evaluation for Know The Truth NG.

"You may have heard,
Nora is a sociopath.

One of the most introverted, self centered, narcissistic people I have ever seen.
She fits all traits of several mental disorders, especially Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

This has nothing to do with her fake wrestling characters. This is how she is in real life.

She has no empathy or care for others unless they can offer something to please her.
And the truth is, she really dislikes her image.

She has eating disorders.
She stands in front of a mirror cursing over her body size.

Well, guess what Nora...

Treat others better, and you won't have so much guilt and self loathing."

-- Dr. Janice Wheeler Ph.D. Chattanooga, TN.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Molly Holly - No Talent Enhancement Jobber (Video Transcript)

aka Nora Greenwald will forever and always be TRAILER TRASH

Narration by Heavy-Mac
Edited & uploaded by Mr. Big Black Nutz
BNP / Black Nutz Productunz / TEAM BLACK
Description: A run down of Noreen's failed "career" of using others to get into positions she didn't earn.
"I'll sum up Nora Greenwald's career for you: pure luck.
Right place, right time.

She was living in a trailer park, working at Subway, going nowhere in life.
She ran into Lanny Poffo.
Lanny Poffo aka The Genius, is the Macho Man Randy Savage's brother. The Macho Man was doing Team Madness in WCW. He needed a third girl. A third girl to stand there, smile and clap for him when he came out. That was it. You could have taken any whore in the world, put her in the role of Miss Madness and it wouldn't have made a fuckin' difference.

When Macho Man's deal was done with WCW, they booted her sorry ass out the door and fired her."
"At the same time in the WWF, their womens division is heating up.
They have two, red-hot, female faces. Trish Stratus... and Lita.

Lita- flaming hot red hair, tattoo on her arm, thong popping out, doing all these moves in the ring
no other female had ever done before. The moonsault, the hurricanrana.

Trish Stratus- classic blonde, big tits, cowgirl hat, that coat she wore, the Stratusfaction guaranteed logo, never been anyone like her."
"So that's where Nora comes in and strikes luck, once again.
Trish and Lita in a feud, makes a lot of money... but it doesn't last forever. You need someone to constantly be putting the 2 hot faces over. You can't just have 2 women on the roster. So they needed girls like Nora, like Jazz, like Jacqueline, that didn't draw any money, to constantly be putting the 2 faces over.

And that was Nora's specialty.
Laying down and taking the moonsault. Getting kicked in the head by Trish and getting pinned.
Now you say: "wait a minute, they put the title on her?" Right, they put the title on her 2 times... so that Trish and Lita could chase it off. No one paid to see her as Champion. Get real! You put the title on someone that no one gives a shit about, so that someone that they do give a shit about can chase the title off of them."
"That was Nora's entire career.
LUCK! Right place, right time.
Being a stand-in, a fill-in, a crash test dummy, a jobber.

They tried her out at first as a face and it didn't work. It wasn't over. The "Holly cousin". No one is going to pay to see a country bumpkin backwoods blonde haired idiot character.

You notice she was never once on a magazine cover, even on the back of a magazine. She never drew a dime for WWE.

And as soon as they came up with the Diva search, and realized they could get all these new young hot girls in... they got rid of her sorry fat ass and she was never seen again."

Saturday, September 22, 2012

"The Standard" Mike Summers ( Molly Holly STALKER ) (Video Transcript)

Written by YouTube user "MightyPoophole" as the description for their parody video
"The Standard" Mike Summers ( Molly Holly STALKER ) aka Mike Summers is a douche directors cut.

A pathetic slideshow of Mike Summers pictures set to the music from Silence Of The Lambs
(Buffalo Bill dance scene) and The Biggest Douche In The Universe song from South Park.
The touching tribute was originally uploaded by one of Mike's trolls "ThestandardMS" and then remixed for even more hilarity by MightyPoophole, further adding details about Nora's own stalking exploits.

Mr. Thaddeus was highly amused by it all.


"Mike stalked Noreen from about 2005-onward, after she was booted from WWE. He once drove several hours in his broken down truck from California to Oregon just to get a picture with her at some low rent Flea Market indy fed that a handful of people attended. He even brought a homemade sign that read "Molly's #1 fan" or something to that affect. More like only fan. lol. She put on her fake smile as usual, said about 3 words to him and quickly dodged to the back in shaken disbelief.

After the show, he proceeded to write a phone book sized blog on his MySpace titled "Meeting Molly Holly - My Story" and how she was now his "best friend 4 life". Nora thought he was a joke (which is funny cause she is too).

Summers was now officially obsessed. Messaging her on a daily basis, working on fan websites and doing everything possible to get her attention again. He even pretended to be a famous wrestling manager called "The Standard". She cold heartedly ignored everything he did. Not that I can blame her but maybe being kind to the poor sap would have eased things out?

He then became strangely attracted to the song "Numbers Don't Lie" by aspiring teen pop singer Brianna Rieffel, who was 12/13yrs old at the time. Many people have called him a pedophile. I do not know if he has been charged with that criminally yet, but Photoshopping bizarre images of himself with an underage girl is sick enough.

Now Brianna was an innocent child, but you can't feel sorry for Nora because she caused it. She's crazy herself and has even done the same exact things to her own BF's... so it's all strangely poetic. LOLZ"

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Geno Benshoof burglary article / Nora Greenwald's "Butt Boy"

Nora sure snagged herself a winner!

BUSTED: Con-artist, drug dealer and career criminal Eugene Geno Benshoof aka "Cigarette Butt Boy". Newspaper article detailing the arrest for one of his many burglaries. This time caught robbing a CHURCH. The police followed the trail of cigarette butts to the home of his accomplice, where they were found storing stolen valuables.

Hmmm, wonder where those were going to???

Webmaster for MNTC Teen Challenge christian brainwashing CULT. Husband of former WWF / WWE Diva jobber and sociopathic cunt, Nora "Molly Holly" Greenwald.

A deeply religious man just doing the fine work of God... by moving His safe out the back door.
While not charged in the actual robbery, Nora is currently making a $100 payment every month for Geno on over $13,000 worth of restitution he was ordered to pay from this crime spree. That's right,
covering for his crimes! (see court documents)

Other independent evidence shows that Nora has been in possession of, and sold stolen goods in the
past. Their relationship is now clear. He's more than just her husband, he's her fall guy. Noreen's
botched plans in action. The braindead crackheads take the blame while the ringleading whore remains free... FOR NOW.
Link to original article:

Copied and pasted below, unedited-

Alleged burglars laughed all way home, but last laugh's on them
Article by: PAT PHEIFER , Star Tribune Updated: February 22, 2008 - 12:02 AM

Two men are charged with stealing guns, antique war clubs and Samurai swords from a home in Hugo, but one left behind something of his own: cigarette butts.

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The two alleged burglars were so amused by their trip home with a church safe in the back seat and the rear car doors wide open that they were laughing hysterically as they pulled into their White Bear Lake garage, according to court documents filed in Ramsey County District Court.

And the mother of one man joined in the laughter, according to a letter she wrote that is described in charges against the men.

Eugene D. Benshoof, 28, and Matthew J. Secrest, 23, each were charged with second-degree burglary in connection with stealing the safe and other goods from St. Peter's Catholic Church in North St. Paul on Jan. 4.

Both also were charged Thursday in Washington County District Court with aiding and abetting first- and second-degree burglary in connection with the November burglary of a home in Hugo in which guns, antique war clubs, Samurai swords and other items were stolen.

According to a complaint filed last week, burglars got into St. Peter's Catholic Church at 2590 Margaret St. by breaking through a temporary construction wall. Cash, gift cards, a safe, a wireless microphone and a sound mixing board with a total value of more than $15,000 were stolen, the complaint said.

An informant's tip led police to search the home that Benshoof shared with Secrest and his mother, Debra Secrest. Investigators found the safe door, other items from the church and a letter written by Debra Secrest. The letter said the men told her they had to drive 15 miles home with the back doors open because the safe was too big for their vehicle, the complaint said.

"According to the letter, all three of them were laughing hysterically about the incident and Debra Secrest just had to tell someone about it," the complaint said.

In the search, investigators also found several commemorative plates taken during the Hugo burglary, which was discovered Nov. 27 when the homeowner returned from a two-week trip to China, the Washington County complaint said.

Benshoof told police that he and Secrest had stolen swords, a tool chest, a handgun and an AK47 assault rifle, the document said. He said Secrest had sold the AK47; two Samurai swords had been pawned in Forest Lake, the complaint said.

Benshoof admitted to police that he'd left behind some items of his own: cigarette butts and an empty Winston cigarette pack found at the crime scene.

Pat Pheifer • 651-298-1551

Rusty Rod tells all on Geno Benshoof (Nora Greenwald's husband) (Video Transcript)

The following is transcript of the video message Rusty Rod sent to Geno Benshoof (crackhead that married Nora "Molly Holly" Greenwald WWE).
"Hey kiss my ass you son of a bitch!
(gives finger)

You're a dick sucking mother fucker. I heard you was a faggot.
Yeah I heard all about your ass.

I know who you are...

I can't wait to see you again dude.
Last time I seen you, you was at the Nigger House, gettin' dick up your asshole.
Suckin' nigga dicks. You had 1 stuck in one end and 1 in the other... and that's what I seen!

You don't even remember that now do you? Cause you're so fucked up, you don't even remember it now do ya boy?

That's fucked up man. You shouldn't be suckin' nigga dicks for crack man. You be crack whoring all the time. What's wrong with you man? Can't you be real??

I tell ya what, I got some cousins in here right now that said they saw you suckin' nigga dick for damn dope dude... and that ain't cool.

Get off it.

Punk. Mother. Fucker.

How do ya like that? (smirk)"

-Rusty Rod the legendary "Minnesota Redneck"
Droppin' The Hammer

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Official Team C*NT FAQ - "Numbers don't lie!"

Nora Greenwald & Mike Summers
Official Team C*NT FAQ - "Numbers don't lie!"

This Q&A is part of our ongoing series to answer frequently asked questions about the investigations into Teen Challenge CULT.

Subject in question is: "The Standard Of Fail" Mike Summers, the only known fan and stalker of Nora "Molly Holly" Greenwald (WWE).

The purpose of these sessions is to clear up disinformation put out by the brainwashed cultists, and contribute to their leaders arrest. Current answer count is 10. Updated often. Know the truth.

Q: Why does Mike call himself "The Standard"?
A: He thinks he is a famous wrestling manager and is the standard which all others should strive to be. Heenan eat your heart out.

In reality, it was a laughable and pathetic facade Mike put on to lure in Nora. He was the man that met all of her "standards" (... or rather, standards he thought she had.)

Q: So how many wrestlers has Mike managed?
A: That's the whole thing about it. NONE!

Q: Why was he so obsessed with Nora? She's a pig.
A: He wanted to lose his virginity to her... because he believed she was a virgin like him (spoiler alert: she lied).

Q: What was CCW Oregon?
A: A supposed upstart wrestling promotion in Oregon called "Continental Championship Wrestling" that Mike claimed he was hired as the "head talent scout"...

But in actuality, it didn't even exist. All throughout 2008, Summers posted so much about this company on various message boards about "how big it was going to be", that real indy workers became interested in appearing on the show. Mike bragged steadily about the company's riches and future success, but oddly never once made any offers, advertised a card or talent line-up, or even seemed interested in... talent.

When pressed with questions on why he was even posting, Summers clearly didn't have the first clue about the wrestling business or what it took to run a show, causing concern amoung feds in the area trying to find out what was really going on with this thing.

Mike then said he was working for someone he called "Big Daddy" Joey Sanders, which was found to be some random 900lb dumbfuck wrestling fan on his friends list who had even less of a clue than he did.

After some simple investigation by calling up the Oregon State Athletic Commission, they found out that no one had a license to run on any of the dates or venues he was claiming, and that the whole operation was completely non-existent.

In other words: It was all BULLSHIT. There was no company. There were no employees. No one hired him. No shows were being ran. It was just Mike. Michael Summers sitting in his empty apartment annoying the internet and making fictional pages about an imaginary event that was only going to take place in his head.

Now the best part!
The first (and only) real person Mike contacted to appear on the "show" was of course, his beloved Molly Holly.

Because surely a former fat assed womens jobber from 10 years ago would be the #1 focal point to boost any upstart promotion.

In one of his many phone book sized MySpace blogs dedicated to Noreen, Mike noted that Nora was his first "talent selection".

Nora immediately claimed she was "retired" and turned him down before he could even finish typing his e-mail. Probably one of the few times she ever replied.

Interesting enough, Nora took an indy date about a week later. She just didn't want to be within 300 feet of him after the first encounter, and really who could blame her for lying this time?
The general conclusion is that Mike came up with the whole thing as a final desperate attempt to impress Nora to try and lure her into meeting him again. FAIL.

More than likely, the events and dates were just possible timelines of when he wanted to lose his virginity, "scouting talent" was simply code word for scouting her pussy, and this Joey Sanders was no more than his possible gay lover and accomplice to help hogtie her big ass in the back of the moving van.

He had never anticipated any real interest from the indy wrestling community who accidentily stumbled upon his posts and exposed him, since an actual wrestling show was the furthest thing from his mind.

It makes one wonder that if Nora did actually agree, she may have ended up in Mike's basement putting the lotion in the basket, because the only CCW Wrestling that was ever going to take place in reality, was Nora trying to wrestle her way out of his dirt cellar.

If only life was that sweet. For once, being an ignorant cunt worked to her advantage.

Q: What's the meaning behind "Numbers don't lie!"
A: Mike was also obsessed with aspiring pre-teen pop singer Brianna Rieffel and her song "Numbers Don't Lie". He made several Photoshopped banners on his sites and MySpace with an image of him and Brianna back to back with "NUMBERS DONT LIE!" written across the picture.
Why exactly, no one knows.

He may have just genuinely liked the song, but it's been heavily speculated that he did it in some strange way of getting back at Nora for ignoring his messages, by pretending as if he was now "with" Brianna instead of her.

As if Nora would care... or if Brianna was even aware of him... or that "being with" a 12/13 year old girl was in any way shape or form sane or legal.

Despite the disgusting display, amusement ensued as his trolls began to make jokes that he was calling Nora and leaving messages on her answering machine saying: "I called 25 times this morning. I know you got my message. Why don't you call back? Numbers don't lie!"

Q: Why did Mike suddenly stop stalking Nora after all those years?
A: He found out she really wasn't a virgin and disappeared in shame. Maybe killed himself. Maybe in jail now. Maybe chopping up bodies in a deserted cave somewhere plotting revenge. We don't know. He stopped posting and his internet trail went entirely dead cold. No one has dared drive to Yuba City to find out...

Q: Do you have any screencaps from Mike's original stalker sites or MySpace?
A: Sorry to say. They were a gem. We never expected him to baleet everything and no one really paid any serious attention to him at the time.

However, you can visit the Wayback Machine at, type in his main site, and see several save points from when it was open... but most of the images and links are dead (thankfully for the better of the internet).

Q: Is Mike a "Basement Dweller"?
A: Surprisingly, we have to now say no. He was able to understand she lied and snap out of it, so he isn't that dumb of a guy after all. Just nuts. While his cheap plan did easily get exposed, one must admit it still took some form of intelligence to plot the CCW scheme, write fake biographies to promote himself, and dream up the whole "Standard" gimmick. He was also of normal weight, appears to shave and has held small jobs enough to blend in with society, so doesn't technically fit the physical characteristics of a BD either.

He certainly shared many similarities with the obsessive behaviour found in wrestling fans, made a complete douche of himself, and surely may have wanted to rape Nora in his cellar... but Mike was his very own unique form of mental, moreso from letting his love quest/sexual perversions cloud his vision and get the best of him, which is why he has his own FAQ to document it all going wrong and those who were annoyed along the way.

Q: What is wrong with Mike, like mentally?
A: He's a christian kook. That explains everything.

Otherwise, if you're looking for a more proper definition: his behaviour easily classifies him as a schizophrenic and sociopath, which ties together why he was attracted to Nora in the first place.

Q: But don't you feel sorry for him?
A: Yes and NO.

Yes, because of how much of a cold-hearted cunt Nora was to him (which furthered the decline of his mental state and turned him into being a stalker).

NO, because of his obsession with Brianna which was blatant pedophilia. Sick.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Official Team C*NT FAQ - *Basement Dweller Edition*

  Molly Holly's #1 Fan!

Official Team C*NT FAQ - *Basement Dweller Edition*

This Q&A is part of our ongoing series to answer frequently asked questions about the investigations into Teen Challenge CULT.

Subject in question is: Basement Dwellers. While these braindead forms of scum are a very small minority, they still unfortunately exist and must be addressed.

The purpose of these sessions is to clear up disinformation put out by the brainwashed cultists, and contribute to their leaders arrest. Current answer count is 5. Updated often. Know the truth.

Q: Why do these things try to defend Nora, knowing all the horrible stuff she's done?
A: The same reason there's loons that defend Chris Benoit, who suffocated his own child to death.

Nutjobs exist in our society.

They are the lowest of the low intelligence, clueless and deranged marks that still believe she is a "sweet innocent pure virgin blonde haired good country girl", a "pageant queen" or whatever bullshit characters she pretended to be 15 years ago. They think her name is "Molly" or "Mona" and don't have any understanding of who she really is, let alone have even met her.

Wrestling TV shows have a brainwashing effect on it's followers to the point where they are unable to separate fantasy from reality after a while. To them, Nora went back home to the farm with her cousins, and the Benoit rampage is just some conspiracy made up by the media to hurt their precious wrestling.

It breeds a deluded mindset that they can do no wrong, and spawns an obsessive behaviour of defending the characters at any cost, as if they represent the real people.

So for them to hear that her name is actually Nora Greenwald, she's a fraudulent cultist, was never a virgin, married her drug dealer, or to realize that Chris Benoit was nothing more than a steroided child murdering psychopath... is entirely impossible for them. How can their wrestling heroes do such things??? Shame on you for criticizing a scam artist and child killer!

Any sane person knows that pro wrestling is not a legitimate sport. It is cheap entertainment. An acted performance and often a bad one, which tends to attract this low class fan base. Not withstanding the normal folks who casually take it for what it is, the core of it's obsessed audience is still rednecks, white trash and people that are genuinely dumb enough to believe what's happening is real. Knowing that, it's not hard to understand why some of these people become the way they are.

A simple search of "wrestling reviews" on YouTube brings up endless pages of the same 400lb unkept greaseballs sitting in dark wood paneled rooms, in front of a stack of DVD's, making hundreds of videos debating who's the best wrestler, and giving "star ratings" to choreographed matches as if anyone was actually fighting or got hurt.

These are Basement Dwellers.

Q: How many Basement Dwellers are there?
A: In terms of Nora, thankfully not many. You can count them on your fingers at this point. She never amounted to much, and the WWE did a fine job humiliating her name before she was fired to begin with. It truly is only a handful of these 400lb 40 year old lonely sacks of welfare shit left lingering around that jerked off to womens wrestling 15 years ago to still remember or care who she is. Usually just slobs believing she's still a virgin like them. As time goes on, they've depleted to nothing, since Nora's old wrinkled crusted ass is entirely unknown to the modern audience today, and the braindead Dwellers from a decade ago have actually begun to give up and accept she lied about it by now. Not to mention the Legend Of The Big Pooper, which has aided in turning off even the loneliest of slobs still holding out hope.

In the broader sense, many new classes of Basement Dwellers follow current wrestling in a large capacity, but we have no dealings with them in regards to Noreen. (Thank fucking Santa Claus.) We feel bad for those having to deal with the Benoit lunatics. You have our deepest sympathies.

Q: Is it possible to get through to Basement Dwellers?
A: Good luck! You have about the same likelihood of cutting through a rock with a pair of scissors. Maybe if you chip away at it for the next 10 years straight.

They'll either learn if they're capable of it, if not, you "turn the other cheek and move on" as the ever wise Minister Clarence Tomison advises.

If they believe in fictitious wrestling characters, and choose to deny the evidence, no amount of arguing with the insane will immediately change their thought process. Leave it up to us and let nature take it's course. Do not waste your energy.

Q: Why do you call them Basement Dwellers exactly?
A: Because they spend most of their life in the basement, stroking their 3inch to WWF Diva's Tropical Pleasures videos on VHS from the year 2000.

A BD is not just a casual fan watching this week for mild amusement, but one who lives their entire life consumed by wrestling, usually stuck in some era from the past, filling their cellar walls with plastic title belts and dolls to never let it go. The only time they leave the house is when the local Flea Market is holding a "Legends Reunion" aka has beens get together.

And see next question...

Q: What does Nora think of the people that defend her?
A: It is actually Nora who coined the term "Basement Dweller". Nora has been overheard at these conventions describing wrestling fans behind their backs as "desperate losers", "bums" and "Basement Dwellers", after taking their $5 for a phony photo-op.

While Nora is a despicable cunt, even we have to give her credit that she isn't as dumb as they are.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Official Team C*NT FAQ - *Big Brother Edition*

Official Team C*NT FAQ - *Big Brother Edition*

This Q&A is part of our ongoing series to answer frequently asked questions about the investigations into Teen Challenge CULT.

Subject in question is: Luke Greenwald, drunk brother of Nora "Molly Holly" Greenwald (WWE). Brother-in-law of Geno "Butt Boy" Benshoof. Loserwald is known for his harassment and threats towards anyone speaking out against them.

The purpose of these sessions is to clear up disinformation put out by the brainwashed cultists, and contribute to their leaders arrest. Current answer count is 5. Updated often. Know the truth.

Q: Why is Luke known as "Loserwald"?
A: He boasts about having bullied the unpopular "losers" in High School, while he himself turned out to be an unemployed bum. Quite ironic.

Q: Is it true that Luke made death threats against members of Team C*NT?
A: Yes, and he specifically threatened to run someone over with his car.

Q: Why didn't you report those threats to the proper authorities?
A: No one took them seriously at the time. They were thought to be just another drunken rant, until his criminal record was discovered...

Q: Does Luke have a criminal record?
A: He sure does, and wouldn't ya know that "reckless drunk driving" is his most notable offense. See-

Q: Do you think that Luke is dangerous?
A: After receiving death threats, what do you think? It is our opinion that he is not only dangerous, but needs psychological help and treatment for being an alcoholic. He is being controlled by his sister. Not rehabbed.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Official Team C*NT FAQ - *Butt Boy Edition*

WWE’s Nora "Molly Holly" Greenwald at the CRACK HOUSE with drug dealer husband Geno Benshoof holding a dimebag of COCAINE!
Official Team C*NT FAQ - *Butt Boy Edition*

This Q&A is part of our ongoing series to answer frequently asked questions about the investigations into Teen Challenge CULT.

Subject in question is: Geno "Butt Boy" Benshoof. The webmaster of MNTC websites. Drug dealer husband of Nora "Molly Holly" Greenwald (WWE).

The purpose of these sessions is to clear up disinformation put out by the brainwashed cultists, and contribute to their leaders arrest. Current answer count is 7. Updated often. Know the truth.

Q: Why do you call Geno "Eugene"?
A: For the same reason we call Nora, Noreen.
He uses many aliases to hide anyone from finding his criminal activity.
When you address a child by their full legal name, they feel accountable for their actions.

Q: Why is Geno also known as "Butt Boy"?
A: He got busted robbing a church because he left behind a trail of cigarette butts.

Though others use the name due to stories of him taking it up the ass for drugs.

It fits either way.

Q: Since Geno is a crackhead, how is it possible that he designs their websites?
A: Most website making programs these days are drag and drop with no HTML required. Even a crackhead can do it.

Q: Is Geno a former wrestler?
A: No, he has no ties to pro-wrestling that we know of... unless maybe he wrestled some big black cocks away from his asshole while he was in the slammer.

Q: So how did Noreen and Eugene meet exactly?
A: Geno was recruited by Teen Challenge directly out of jail, apart of their brainwashing program to coerce ex-cons in need of shelter.

It is then believed that they formally met at the "Nigga House" where she was looking to score.

Q: Rusty Rod claims that Geno "sucks nigga dicks for crack". Is this true?
A: Well, Rod said that's what he saw. Only Rod, Geno and some nigga knows.

Q: Why did Nora really marry Geno in such a rush? She says love at first sight.
A: Yeah, sure.

She just so happened to find this instant "love" after 30+ years... on the same week she got exposed. Convenient.

After Clyde Cash's investigation into the virginity fraud, Nora was left in shame and made a desperate attempt to save face by claiming that she was settling down in a "respectable marriage" with a "fine man of God".

Enter Geno.

In other words, she just scrambled to concoct a cheap story, and quickly found the only person willing to marry her... her crackhead drug dealer that she was already seeing.

Nora should have chose sturdier paper to write on, since her paper thin tale was exposed even further as soon as his arrest record was obtained. Clearly a "man of God" would not have robbed a fucking church (nor would a supposed "virgin saint" have married them). Busting her criminal activities wide open.

As for "love at first sight", sure, we don't doubt that she fell in love with whatever substances he supplies her.

Hypothetically: If not for Clyde, the marriage would have never happened, Nora would probably still be lying about being a virgin until she died, and Eugene would be taking the fall for her crimes without anyone knowing she was behind it all.

Official Team C*NT FAQ - *Delusional Edition*

Nora Greenwald Benshoof ( Molly Holly WWE )

Official Team C*NT FAQ - *Delusional Edition*

This Q&A is part of our ongoing series to answer frequently asked questions about the investigations into Teen Challenge CULT.

Subject in question is: Nora Greenwald Benshoof aka "Molly Holly". Leading coercer at MNTC. Former WWF / WWE Divas wrestling jobber.

The purpose of these sessions is to clear up disinformation put out by the brainwashed cultists, and contribute to their leaders arrest. Current answer count is 7. Updated often. Know the truth.

Q: Why do you call Nora "Noreen"?
A: For the same reason we call Geno, Eugene.
She uses many aliases to hide anyone from finding her criminal activity.
When you address a child by their full legal name, they feel accountable for their actions.

Q: Why does Nora wear wigs?
A: Why does Norman Bates wear wigs?

Q: Did Nora really try to sell her used underwear on eBay?
A: Sure did, and there's pictures to prove it.

Q: Is Nora into drugs now?? She looks anorexic. I remember she was fat.
A: She is in fact married to her drug dealer, and has went through bouts of anorexia in recent years.

She has been down to an estimated 85lbs or less. Images have shown a dramatic abnormal weight loss over a quick period of time, only to gain it back. A simple viewing of photos throughout her life obviously reveals a constant up/down struggle with her weight, that has only gotten worse. Messages written by Nora herself confirm having eating disorders from what she calls "problems". She often likes to wear costumes to "mask her true self inside".

A clear case of something known as GUILT.

Pills and crack have certainly played their role in replacing food, as a coping mechanism stemming from the guilt she has from hurting others. The anorexic bouts and eating disorders are the result of their use, which is only the result of her own poor choices that brought shame upon herself to begin with.

Q: How does Nora scam people?
A: Most notably, she has been involved with many forms of fraud at Teen Challenge, specifically bogus charity raffles preying on the pockets of the giving. According to one of the good-hearted victims who donated- "by soliciting donations from us for causes and charity events that we found out didn't really exist. She said she needed to keep the money because that's what christ wanted".

There is an abundance of claims, making it hard to detail them all here. Please see our website.

Nora is also referred to as a "scammer" by many in the wrestling community for taking advantage of the gullible and using money marks to bring her to conventions. Working them into paying her way to be booked on events she has no place being, knowing full well she will not return them any profit. It is the equivalent of robbing a blind person. (See articles regarding Dan Martone, Jason Blaustein etc.)

Lying about being a virgin and sabotaging careers has added to the title as well.

Q: How many guys has Nora actually slept with?
A: Who the fuck knows! But we have dug up more than you could count on both hands. That's for sure.

Q: How did Nora sabotage Malia Hosaka's career?
A: According to Malia herself- "By doing deceiving things behind my back with WCW management, using my connections to get ahead and then dumping me to the curb when she didn't need me anymore."

Official Team C*NT General FAQ

Exposing the fraud and scams of Nora "Molly Holly" Greenwald (WWE) - TEAM CUNT

Official Team C*NT General FAQ

This Q&A is part of our ongoing series to answer frequently asked questions about the investigations into Teen Challenge CULT.

The purpose of these sessions is to clear up disinformation put out by the brainwashed cultists, and contribute to their leaders arrest. Current answer count is 14. Updated often. Know the truth.

Q: What is the difference between Team CUNT and Team C*NT? I see it spelled both ways.
A: None really, but the star denotes that the individual is apart of the Board Of Directors.

Q: Why do Team C*NT YouTube pages have a link to
A: The site was founded by Jimmy Hill (peace be upon Him) and is now owned by Jack Thaddeus. We link it on our YouTube pages to pay our respects to Jimmy/Jack and to show that we are proud members of Team C*NT, of course.

Q: So should I put on my YouTube page?
A: Please do!

Q: What is the relation between Jimmy Hill and Jack Thaddeus?
A: Jimmy is Jack's uncle. Jack's full name is Jack Thaddeus Hill but the Hill is often left off. Thaddeus is actually Jack's middle name.

Being that Jimmy was a pure man, He was not allowed to have children. He passed down His empire to Jack, considering Him to be His only son to carry on the legacy and cleanse the world of Nora Greenwald's evil.

Q: Was Jack Thaddeus molested as a child?
A: This has recently been cleared up by Jack's right hand man, Clarence Tomison, who personally asked Jack about this sickening claim. Let's put this absurd rumor to rest once and for all shall we...

As a child, Jack attended a church where one of His best friends was molested by a priest. Somehow this story turned into "Jack being molested by a priest". (god damn those tabloids.)

Because of this incident, Jack's family became born-again Atheists. Jack was never molested though. It was His childhood friend. His friend is doing well these days BTW.

Later, it was discovered that Nora Greenwald was involved with the church, which further infuriated Mr. Thaddeus to stand up for molestation victims.

Q: Why do you capitalize Him when referring to Jimmy or Jack?
A: Don't you have any respect for God's?

Q: How did Jack get the nickname "ACE"?
A: Jack is a big fan of Snoopy. His favorite episode is when Snoopy dressed up as "The Flying Ace".

Q: Is rawkatty single?
A: You'll have to get through Mr. Big Black Nutz first. ;-)

Q: What is Team Black?
A: Team Black is a sub group headed by Mr. Big Black Nutz. Team Black is still apart of Team C*NT but has no direct involvement from Jack Thaddeus.

Q: Who owns noragreenwaldisacunt on YouTube?
A: No one specifically. noragreenwaldisacunt is a community page that can be updated by any agent of Inner C*NT.

Q: What is Inner C*NT?
A: Those who are Inner C*NT, are directly involved in the investigation.

Q: What is Clyde Ca$h's role in Team C*NT?
A: Clyde is freelance, and Clyde is his own man, but if Jack has an important job that needs to be done, He usually calls in Clyde.

Q: What is Know The Truth NG?
A: The parent company of Team C*NT.

Q: Do you hold WWE responsible?
A: No, not at all. The WWE has no vested interest in what Nora says or does anymore. She is not a current employee of theirs and has not worked for them in many years. The Molly Holly character they once promoted was a fictional act. They are not accountable for her real life scams today, nor do we have any knowledge of them being tied to them. They were quite duped as well.

We also appreciate the storylines they created to make fun of her disgusting big fat ass.