Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jack's Links - Exposing Nora "Molly Holly" Greenwald and Teen Challenge CULT

Fine links recommended by Mr. Jack Thaddeus, exposing Nora “Molly Holly” Greenwald (WWE) and her Teen Challenge CULT. Organized crime racket disguised as "rehab".

Jack Thaddeus Hill
Jack "Ace" Thaddeus, the last of the true patriots. Praise Him!  - Outdated community website detailing scammers and sex offenders (pedophiles) once employed by TC Cult. Site was made by an independent whistleblower and has not been updated in several years (to include MN), but remains a useful resource clearly showing the trail of corruption that is now continuing on today in Minnesota. Many testimonials archived from former abused patients. *This is where she got her funding from. MNTC is no different and runs on the same exact model. Do not be conned. An updated site to include the Benshoof's and ALL branches of Teen Challenge is being worked on.* - Another nightmare experience. - BUSTED: Eugene Geno Benshoof aka "Cigarette Butt Boy". Nora Greenwald's drug dealer husband and the webmaster of MNTC websites. A deeply religious man just doing the fine work of God... by moving His safe out the back door. Newspaper article detailing the arrest for one of his many burglaries. This time caught robbing a CHURCH. The police followed the trail of cigarette butts to the home of his accomplice, where they were found storing stolen valuables. Hmmm, wonder where those were going to??? While not charged in the actual robbery, Nora is currently making a $100 payment every month for Geno on over $13,000 worth of restitution he was ordered to pay from this crime spree. That's right, covering for his crimes! (see court documents) Other independent evidence shows that Nora has been in possession of, and sold stolen goods in the past. Their relationship is now clear. He's more than just her husband, he's her fall guy. Noreen's botched plans in action. The braindead crackheads take the blame while the ringleading whore remains free... FOR NOW. - Court documents and criminal records showing more burglaries and drug activity by the con-artist Greenwald’s/Benshoof’s. Also, video transcripts and excellent columns written by Team C*NT. - An awakened employee is disgusted and personally blogs to talk about the real Teen Challenge, calling it a FRAUD, referring to their operation as a "Jesus business" and having witnessed a "coked up" leader. - Luke Greenwald (Nora's drunk brother) arrested for DWI and reckless driving. A fine example of "rehab". Luke has been known to make death threats on behalf of the cult. - The most complete YouTube video archive. - Specifically archiving all hateful messages, racism, stalking, harassment and death threats sent from Nora Greenwald, Luke Greenwald, Geno Benshoof and their psychotic doped up followers. "We will not be silenced", indeed! (Special thanks to Team Black.) - Former pro-wrestler Malia Hosaka reveals how Nora Greenwald used her, backstabbed her, and sabotaged her career. - A 9 part investigation uncovering the sickening coercion tactics used by TC to brainwash children. How much more proof do you need?

Part 1: Teen Challenge: The Assemblies’ Own “Kiddie Gulag”

Part 2: Teen Challenge: Coercive Groups Disguised as Rehab

Part 3: Teen Challenge: A Typical Week in the “Jesus Gulag”

Part 4: Teen Challenge: Life Within the “Jesus Gulag

Part 5: Teen Challenge: Possible Missionary Mill?

Part 6: Teen Challenge: The Depths of Coercion at a “God Warrior” Training Camp

Part 7: Teen Challenge: Sex Abuse and Sexual Predators

Part 8: Teen Challenge: Court-Ordered Coercion and CYA Indemnity Contracts

Part 9: Teen Challenge: Your Tax Dollars, Paying For Institutionalised Abuse