Saturday, March 22, 2014

“Nora Greenwald used me!” (Malia Hosaka Interview on Molly Holly) (Video Transcript)

Video Description-

Malia Hosaka is interviewed and briefly describes helping out a poor nobody named Nora Greenwald. Gave her proper ring attire, looked out for her and got her on TV by only her 5th match. Ungrateful Nora uses Malia, stabs her in the back, steals her spot and manipulates her way up the ladder… only to fall right back down again.

Starla Skankton/Saxton exposed. The real Nora “Trailer Trash” Greenwald.

Interview Transcript-

Malia: Her 5th match of her career she was doing WCW Saturday Night TV tapings at Disney.

Interviewer: Her 5th match?!

Malia: Yeah like her 5th match of her career. She didn’t even have real boots or real gear at that time.

Terry (Taylor) brought us up and we did some dark matches before Nitro. Over the next couple of years she would call me every time WCW was coming to town to film and she would ask me to call Terry and he would always fly us down and give us something.

I tried to protect her. I tried to respect who she was… her religious views… and how she was… (i.e. a sociopathic cultist cunt)

I tried to make sure that the boys didn’t rib her, or pressure her to do stuff. I tried to look out for her.
Unfortunately things came to a head and I found out she didn’t trust me as a friend the same way I viewed her as a friend. She went behind my back and did some things, thinking that I was going to be jealous, rather than happy for her, which started leading to the deterioration of our friendship and eventually a huge explosion between the two of us.

Interviewer: That’s a shame. Oh really?

Malia: Yeah, she’s one of the many knives in my back!

Interviewer: Is it something which hasn’t been healed up or hasn’t been resolved? Is there still that scar there?

Malia: There’s still a huge scar there. I have talked to her since and more and less buried the hatchet and made peace with it, but I can’t really say that it’s something I’m ever going to be over because… the thing is: the whole time she was calling me to use my connections through Terry Taylor, she was Lanny Poffo's roommate, and she could have at any point in time used his connections through Randy Savage and got to the same place that she wound up being. It wasn’t until Terry left WCW and gone back to WWF, and WWF had told us that they weren’t interested that our friendship finally fell apart. I feel like she really used me to that point to the point where she no longer had a use for me, and after that we weren’t going to be friends.

She said “I don’t like you and I’m not going to be friends with you anymore”, but then she went on WCW every week and booked all the girls I used on the indys!

There’s no reason for her to have gotten any TV time on WCW. She wasn’t that talented and she definitely wasn’t a Diva.