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Nora "Molly Holly" Greenwald Ripoff Report #1435846: "Mail Fraud" Report #1435846
Complaint Review: Molly Holly

Submitted: Sat, March 24, 2018 Updated: Sat, March 24, 2018
Reported By: Robert — Illinois United States

Molly Holly
PO Box 766
Wyoming, Minnesota
United States

Category: Movies, DVDs, VHS, , Online merchandise order scams, scammer

Molly Holly Nora Greenwald Mail Fraud Wyoming Minnesota

"Several years ago Nora Greenwald aka "Molly Holly" an ex WWE women's pro wrestler ran a website called where she sold dvds about her wrestling career. The site has since been deleted off the internet and you can't find record of it. I sent her $60 for 3 of the dvds and I never received them. I sent her several emails (which I still have) where she strung me along telling me they were "in the mail". After a while she stopped responding and the dvds never came. I didn't know if they were lost in the mail or if she just didn't send them. I pretty much accepted that I lost my money and moved on one way or the other. It was only $60. A disappointment but not the end of the world.

Recently I saw this woman at a wrestling autograph convention (and boy has she deteriorated). I introduced myself and politely brought up my purchase from years ago that I never received. She acted as if she had no idea what I was talking about and said she "had no involvement with that website". Uh, the website was HER website with HER picture on it selling HER dvds! And I guess those emails where I talked to her were from someone with the same name too.

At that point I finally realized she was a scam artist and that she had ripped me off back then. She was clearly lying about it. After years of dealing with insurance claims I know a liar when I talk to one. She seemed nervous as if this website has been brought up to her before. I didn't say much further and just walked away. She clearly needs the $60 more than I do but other people need to not be giving this con woman money.

I ain't mad. It's just pathetic. You had to be making good money being on TV at one point and then you are running petty scams like this to ripoff fans. Shame."

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